Here is the prologue to my book Kismet…..


The day had finally arrived and she could not contain the excitement that was building inside her. She stood in front of the mirror for what seemed like an eternity. “Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Adams” she kept saying the name repeatedly letting it sink in that in a few hours, she was going to be a married woman. She planned for this day for so long, every detail down to the weather. She splashed water on her face and turned on the shower, a nice hot steamy one to calm her nerves. After exiting the bathroom, she dried off in front of the television watching a repeat episode of Bridezellas. She wondered if that is how her family and friends saw her during this process. It was a long and strenuous journey to get to this point, with the drama concerning the other woman and the baby, it was a mess. Everything turned out well she had to admit to herself because she was marring the man of her dreams and the other woman was ass out. She wondered what he was doing at this moment; she had not talked to him since he went to his bachelor party the prior night. She picked the phone up and dialed her soon to be husband. “Hey wife to be you ready for this” he asked in a sweet and loving voice. “Yes I am baby I have been waiting for this my whole life. The anticipation is killing me can we just skip town and do our thing, forget all the people, I want to get this over with now” she said laughing. “No baby we waited this long, a few more hours is not going to kill us, plus I really want to see you in that dress I know it’s stunning because I know you have great taste look at the man you chose”. “So conceited you are Mr. Adams, I guess that will never change about you”. “Isn’t it bad luck or something to be talking before the wedding” he asked. “No silly we can’t see each other before the wedding, you trying to say you don’t want to talk to me” she teased. “Woman please, I just want this day to be perfect that’s all. So what you wearing right now” he asked in a seductive voice. “Boy you better get outta here with that and wait till the honeymoon because lord knows I’m going put it on you something fierce she replied. “I’m going to hold you to that baby, well I’m about to go and get some breakfast sweetie I will see you in a couple of hours Ms. Adams, love you baby”. “Love you too baby”.

In an hour or so the house would be full of her bridesmaids and so much commotion that she wouldn’t have any time to herself to think. She jumped back in bed wishing she could just sleep the rest of the time away until the wedding. She thought about the honeymoon they were going to take in France. Tyrone had a book tour that was coming up shortly and she had to be back in the school soon, so now was the perfect time for their little vacation of two weeks they were going to take. She thought about the little rumors that were going around town about her and Tyrone on how she was just marrying him for the money and the fame. Some thought that she would quit the school now. The majority of the people didn’t know the love they shared and she didn’t care what they thought of her to be honest. She was marrying the man of her dreams and that’s what mattered most. The ringing of her cell broke her out of her train of thought, looking down she smiled at the number on display. “Hey, you outside, OK here I come” she said while hanging up. She opened the door and her bridesmaids were all making their way into the house. “Girl I know u were not sleep in here, shit it’s time to get down to business. Hair, nails, dress and a little drink and some weed if you are down for it” the girl said laughing. “Girl be quiet I don’t need any weed or anything else I just want to get to the altar and marry my man” she said. “I know your ass didn’t eat anything yet so we got you something from the Waffle House”.

After breakfast and a little chit chat the time had come for them to get dressed and get ready to head out to the church. The bridesmaids were dressed in light pink and the bride was wearing an elegant chiffon white satin dress with a two foot train. She took one more look at herself in the mirror, blew a kiss and said “good bye Mrs. Thomas and hello Mrs. Adams”. Before climbing inside the stretch Cadillac limo she had a neighbor snap a few shots of them. Once the good-byes and congratulations were finished the bride and her friends climbed inside and were off to the church. The ceremony was to take place at the Word of God church on Rock Quarry road in Raleigh. Tyrone wanted something small, he even threw out the idea of going downtown to the courthouse and getting married, he knew the media blitz that was sure to follow when word got out that he was getting married. One thing that he hated about being famous was being famous, to him it wasn’t worth it. He knew that there were going to be all kinds of media there that pictures were going to be taken and placed over the internet and magazines. She was prepared for it all that’s why she was so anxious because she didn’t want to disappoint her man, she wanted to look her best for him. When the limo pulled up to the church her jaws dropped when she saw all the cars and the media vans that were parked outside. She wondered if Tyrone was already there and when she saw his car her heart skipped a beat and a big smile came over her face, now she was ready. “He’s here yall” she said to no one in particular.

The limo stopped in back of the church, the women piled out of the car and walked into the church, found their waiting room. While her friends were talking she was lost in her own world visualizing the wedding, the honeymoon and their life together as husband and wife. She heard a knock on the door, one of the bridesmaids answered and her father stepped in looking like a million bucks. “Hey daddy” she beamed. “You look stunning baby girl, you ready for this” he asked. “Yes daddy I been ready” she replied. “You couldn’t have picked a better man to marry I can see the happiness in your face and that’s all that a father can ask for. I’m so proud of you princess and I can’t wait to walk you down that isle and give you away” he said while embracing his daughter. They both wiped away their tears and her father exited the room. Thirty minutes later the bridesmaids were told it was time for them to take their places, the wedding was set to begin. The music began to play and the bridesmaids and the groom’s men made their way down the aisle and took the respective places. Her father grabbed her arm “you ready princess” he asked. “Let’s go daddy” she replied and as she began to walk she heard a strange sound (beep, beep). She looked around but saw nothing. “You OK baby” he asked. “Did u hear that daddy “she asked. “Hear what honey”. “Nothing I must be getting nervous or something” she replied. “Well we better get you down this aisle before you pull one of those runaway bride moves and head for the door” he said with a smile. “Not in this lifetime, just get me to my husband daddy and I can handle the rest” she said.

They hit the door to the event and everyone stood taking in the amazing view that was before them. She smiled when she saw Tyrone standing at the end of the aisle looking breathtaking in his white suit. (Beep, beep) “there is that noise again” she said to herself, she looked around and it seemed that no one else had heard it so she stayed on course not taking her eyes off of Tyrone. They stopped in front of the Pastor, Tyrone, grooms men and the bridesmaids. Tyrone came down and shook his soon to be father in laws hand, turned to face his wife to be and lifted the veil. He smiled when he noticed the smile and the tears in his soon to be wife eyes. He wiped the tears away and whispered that he loved her, she smiled and whispered the same thing back. They both turned and face the pastor. (Beep, beep) there was that noise again she was thinking.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to bring together this man and woman in holy matrimony. Now I understand that you two would like to exchange vowels that you have written for each other” he asked. They both nodded at the same time bringing a slight chuckle from the crowd. (Beep-beep)”guess I’ll go first then huh” Tyrone said laughing. “I’m OK with that and I don’t want to hear nothing from one of your books either” she said smiling drawing applause from the crowd again. Tyrone smiled turned serious” it may be somewhat cliche to say but I knew from the moment I saw you that we would be standing here one day sharing our love with family and friends. To say that this is the best day of my life is an understatement. I can’t wait to wake up to your loving smile everyday and hear that very annoying laugh of yours. What you have given me is a piece of mind, a sense of self and a greater understanding of love. I am forever in your debt baby, you have rescued me from the abyss and for that I owe you my life. I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”. She watched as Tyrone wiped tears from his eyes and gave her a reassuring smile that everything was going to be OK. (Beep, beep, beep, beep) what the hell, she was now thinking. “Your turn for vowels” the Pastor said to her. “With each passing minute I fall deeper in love with my soul mate. Our time together has shown me that anything is possible. That if you want something that you have to fight for it and love is no exception to that rule. When I look at you I see more than a man I see my protector, my lover, my friend and my provider and now I see my husband. I promise to never leave your side, to be trustworthy and loving and understanding. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you baby, I love you”. “Is there anyone now that thinks this union shouldn’t be made let them speak now or forever hold their peace” the Pastor added. The room was quiet (beep, beep), “hey, hey” she looked around and saw no one moving (beep, beep) “baby, baby ” she closed her eyes to try to get rid of the noises but when she opened them she was no longer in the church. She focused her vision to see that she was still lying in bed. “Damn I must really be nervous as hell I dreamed that whole wedding day. I have to pull myself together because in a couple of hours I will be. She rolled over and her body came in contact with another, “what the hell Tyrone shouldn’t be here” she thought (Beep-beep) “There goes that damn noise again” she hissed. She looked over to see that it was the alarm clock going off and waking her from her dream wedding. “You OK baby” the voice asked. She jumped when she heard the voice, wondering if she made a tragic mistake last night or something. Upon hearing his voice she got out bed, but not as fast as she wanted to because it felt like something was weighing her down. She walked pass the mirror and that’s when she took notice of her stomach that was perturbing from her body. Then in one fell swoop it all came crashing down on her. Someone else was marrying the love of her life today, and the wedding had to be stopped.

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There are options for felons….

Commentary| There is no better feeling for a person that is out of work to hear, “We would like for you to come in for an interview for the position that you applied for.”  You are now ecstatic, thinking that maybe you will now be able to pay your bills and take care of your family.  The day of the interview arrives and you are dressed for the part.  After the interview you know that you won the hiring manager over with your answers to his/her questions, sure you got the job.  Then the hiring manager says to you “the offer is contingent upon a drug test and background check”.

That once strong feeling of confidence is now gone, replaced with doubt and grief.  You take the drug test knowing that you passed that without a problem, the background check is a completely different story.  A few days go by and not a word form the company, a week goes by and still nothing.  You know that you did great in the interview process; you know where the problem is.  Once that week goes by you give up on that job and start to let depression set in.

If you have the right people in your corner they will not let you get too far down in the dumps, they will be there to lift you up.  My word of advice for you is, do not quit.  The first thing you have to do as a felon, accept that you are one.  You made a mistake somewhere in your past and you cannot change that; nobody is going to let you forget that, especially the job market.  What can you do to find employment?

  • Keep looking for jobs, do not stop because someone said “no” or  you did not hear anything back from employees.
  • Network, call your family and friends and see if they know a company, a friend or a family member that is hiring.

Once you have used up those resources, do not worry there are still more out there.

  • Go back to school and pick up a trade, University of Phoenix, ITT, Community College, it doesn’t matter what schools, time to try something different.
  • Start your own business; if no one is going to hire you, then you hire yourself.

Remember that a door is not going to knock itself down; you have to be consistent, with thick skin.  What happened in your past, happened, no need to cry over it now.  We all make mistake no one waking this earth is perfect, it takes a strong person to admit their mistakes and move on with their life.  From my personal experience, I know there are companies out there that hire felons, waiting to you to apply.  Check with your state laws to see what you can do in regards to getting your record expunged/sealed.  There is a procedure called a Certificate of Relief form that you may be eligible for as well.  Once those jobs start calling for interviews, remember a few points…

  • DO NOT LIE, I cannot stress that enough. I know that it may seem that nothing is going right for you in the job market field, lying is the worst thing you can do. As a felon myself the first thing I look for on an application is “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”  These companies will do a background check regardless, lying will make you seem as though you have not changed.  Honesty will be admitting what you did, you may not get the job but you were honest and that goes a long way in people’s eyes.
  • Dress the part, if you do not have a nice pair of slacks, shirt, tie and shoes, then borrow some or head out to a goodwill or Salvation Army.  Remember it is always good to ask for help.  This is your future we are talking about, pride is out the window.  Please be well-groomed.
  • Show up a few minutes early, if your interview is at 11am, and then be there at 10:45am, promptness shows initiative, which is always a good look to a future employer.
  • Smile, let them know that life hasn’t totally beaten you down,  firm handshake, good morning/afternoon, sir/mam, direct eye contact, you mean business
  • No matter what you done prior to this point in your life, no job are too small, get in that door however, you can get in, then work your way up to where you think you belong. As a felon, we have to sell ourselves a little more than others do.
  • Leave with pride and your head held high regardless of the outcome.

Our crimes, criminal record, faults and problems will never define the true person that we are; it just shows that we made mistakes in life.  I made .35 cents a day in prison, taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication.  Never let another person who has not walked in your shoes tries to define who they think you are, tell you what you cannot do in life.  There are opportunities out there, do not wait for someone to hand them to you, you have to want them and then go get it.

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Today I will be comprising my top 15 NBA bust, these are players I feels should have done more with their career, whether it was an injury or they just failed to meet their potential on the court…Here we go….
15. BILL WALTON (1974 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall, Portland Trail Blazers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 517 / PTS. 13.3 / REBS. 10.5 / AST. 3.4 / STL. 0.8 / BLKS. 2.2 )

Bill was drafted with the #1 pick in 1974 by the Portland Trail Blazers, with hopes of taking that team to new heights. Leaving his college team UCLA after a stellar career where he won 2× NCAA Champion (19721973), 2× NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player (1972–1973), 3× Naismith College Player of the Year (1972–1974), 3× USBWA Player of the Year (1972–1974), 3× Adolph Rupp Trophy (1972–1974), 2× Helms Foundation College Player of the Year (1972–1973), 3× Sporting News College Player of the Year (1972–1974), × AP College Player of the Year (1972–1973), 3× Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (19721974). The start to his pro career was a glimpse into what was to follow into the rest of his career, injuries. Bill only played in 35 games out of 82 his rookie year, not even his lowest # of games in his career. in the 1985-1986 season he played in 80 games his highest total for his career. His best year was in 1976-1977 where he averaged 18.6 points and 14.4 rebounds a game, but once again was robbed of a full season due to injury. Early in his career he was good when he was able to play, × NBA All-Defensive First Team (1977–1978), All-NBA Second Team (1977), All-NBA First Team (1978), 2× NBA All-Star (19761977), NBA Sixth Man of the Year (1986), NBA Most Valuable Player (1978), NBA Finals MVP (1977), 2× NBA champion (1977, 1986). makes you wonder what kind of career this man would have had if injuries didn’t take his career away from him. He ended up in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on May 10, 1993 and also was a member of the NBA 50th Anniversary Team.

14. SHAWN BRADLEY ( 1993 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall, Philadelphia 76ers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 875 / PTS. 8.1 / REBS. 6.3 / AST. 0.7 / STL. 0.6 / BLKS. 2.5 )

I placed Shawn on this list because of the potential that he had, his was relatively healthy throughout his career but something was just missing with this guy when he laced them on. He had a great offensive touch around the basket, great defensive instincts but not enough heart in my opinion. I can’t say that Philadelphia made a mistake in taking him with the #2 pick simply because they needed a big man but I know they expected more from him. A player that size and with his skills should have been a double- double machine every night. Shawn should have been the american Yao Ming, simple as that.

13. DARIUS MILES (2000 / Round: 1 / Pick: 3rd overall, Los Angeles Clippers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 446/ PTS. 10.1/ AST. 1.9/ REBS. 4.9/ STL. 0.9/ BLKS. 1.1 )

Darius had the potential to be the next Scottie Pippen if he could have kept his head on straight. At the time of his draft he was the highest drafted high school player ever taken. When on the court and fully engaged you could see why he was taken 3rd overall. In transition the kid was unstoppable, good defensive player with his 6-9 frame with quick hands. The problem wasn’t his game the problem was his attitude, clashes with teammates and coaches was his downfall. In 2008 he suffered a knee injury that all but ended his career, tried a comeback with the Celtics and Grizzlies but never could regain the form that made him a household name early in his career. His ready-made rise to stardom was erased like so many other kids coming out of high school, just weren’t mature enough to master the art and lifestyle of the NBA….

12. EDDIE CURRY (2001 / Round: 1 / Pick: 4th overall, Chicago Bulls )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 525 / PTS. 13.0 / REBS. 5.2 / AST. 0.5 / STLS. 0.3 / BLKS. 0.7 )

Curry career was promising, a well-rounded big man coming straight from high school, had the talent to come in and dominate the NBA right away. Injuries derailed his career back then and the same goes for him today. His second year in the league was his coming out party where he led the league n field goal percentage. All was going well until he was told he had an irregular heartbeat and was forced to sit. His career went on the upswing in 2006-2007 with the Knicks but got troubled by a knee injury and gained weight. He was never the same player after that year and never could get fully into playing shape and live up to those expectations. He just won a ring in Miami but did so as a benchwarmer and water boy….

11. JAY WILLIAMS (2002 / 2nd overall, Chicago Bulls )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 75 / PTS. 9.5 / REBS. 2.6 / AST. 4.7 / STLS. 1.1 / BLKS. 0.2 )

Jay Williams was Derrick Rose before Derrick Rose, this guy was amazing on the court, nothing he couldn’t do. The guy owned college basketball, John R. Wooden Award (2002), Oscar Robertson Trophy (2002), Naismith College Player of the Year (2002). The Bulls took him with the #2 pick knowing for sure he was going to lead their team for the next 10 years or so. Jay decided to go against his contract and jump on a motorcycle and cause multiple injures that would take him away from the NBA. All the god given talent in the world and his career is cut short because of a bone headed decision.

10. BOBBY HURLEY ( 1993 / Round: 1 / Pick: 7th overall, Sacramento Kings )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 270 / PTS. 3.8 / REBS. 1.1 / AST. 3.3 / STLS. 0.4 / BLKS. 0.0 )

Hurley was primed to take over where Stockton left off, great penetrator, shooter, defender and floor general. If you were looking for a real point guard he was your guy back then. After a stellar collegiate career at Duke, Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (1993), NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player (1992), 2× NCAA Champion (19911992), he was chosen to lead the Kings on their way to respectability. His career was another one cut short because of an injury, he was involved in a car accident and never regained his prior playing form.

9. BO KIMBLE ( 1990 / Round: 1 / Pick: 8th overall, Los Angeles Clippers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 108 / PTS. 5.5 / REBS. 1.5 / AST. 0.9 / STLS. 0.4 / BLKS. 0.1 )

Bo was supposed to set the league on fire with his profound scoring abilities coming out of Loyola Marymount. He could not gain his footing in the league and was soon out of the NBA after 3 seasons. Like many other top scorers in college the speed of the NBA was not a thing he was suited for and was forced to play in the CBA to further his playing career.

8. DANNY FERRY ( 1989 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall, Los Angeles Clippers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 984 / PTS. 7.0 / REBS. 2.8 / AST. 1.3 / STLS. 0.4 / BLKS. 0.3 )

Danny was another great college player whose game did not translate to NBA success. A star player at Duke,Naismith College Player of the Year (1989),     USBWA Player of the Year (1989), UPI College Player of the Year (1989), 2× ACC Player of the Year (1988–1989), 2× ACC Athlete of the Year (1988–1989), Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (1989), Consensus NCAA All-American Second Team (1988). The Clippers selected him with the #2 overall pick with hopes of a lights out scorer, not the case. He could get off his shot but nothing was falling for him. He stayed in the NBA as a career bench player and even earned a ring as a member of the Spurs. Some guys are meant for stardom but Ferry was not one of them.

7. HAROLD MINER ( 1992 / Round: 1 / Pick: 12th overall, Miami Heat )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 204 / PTS. 9.0 / REBS. 2.2 / AST. 1.2 / STLS. 0.4 / BLKS. 0.1 )

Many will get on me because I placed him on this list, he is here because of his nickname ( Baby Jordan), granted he didn’t give himself that name, but still. When you are tagged that name you have to deliver. he didn’t run from it, he actually embraced it. Minor was a great leaper and dunker but nothing else, .2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (1993, 1995). leaving Southern California, Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (1992), Pac-12 Player of the Year (1992), the guy was a scoring machine in a Wade mold. He had his opportunities to succeed but failed every time lasting only 4 season in the NBA, another wasted talent.

6. DARKO MILICIC ( 2003 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall, Detroit Pistons )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 488 / PTS. 6.0 / REBS. 4.2 / AST. 0.9 / STLS. 0.4 / BLKS. 1.3 )

Darko, selected with the #2 pick by the pistons because they thought he was going to be a defensive presence, and the league is still waiting for that to happen. He is still playing right now and could quite possible have a monster career (who am I kidding). Was seen as a force on both sides of the ball coming into the league but never panned out the way others saw him. I think the games is too physical for him and he will always be no more than the player that the Pistons took instead of Carmelo.

5. JOE SMITH ( 1995 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall, Golden State Warriors )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 1092 / PTS. 10.9 / REBS. 6.4 / AST. 1.0 / STLS. 0.6 / BLKS. 0.8 )

The great Joe Smith, average name but not an average game, this guy was a terror in college for Maryland,Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (1995),  ACC Player of the Year (1995), UPI College Player of the Year (1995), AP Player of the Year (1995), Adolph Rupp Trophy (1995), Naismith College Player of the Year (1995). If there was a player you know wasnt a can’t miss pick this was the guy, oh how we were wrong about him. Career started off good, NBA All-Rookie First Team (1996), was a focal point of his teams offense but that fire he played with in his 1st couple years just left his body. He had the skills to dominate anybody down low on the blocks but his well natured personality always kept him in check. Joe had a great career that lasted 16 seasons ( 12 of 30 NBA teams) but not the career he was supposed to have as the #1 pick, some people can’t take pressure I guess.

4. ADAM MORRISON ( 2006 / Round: 1 / Pick: 3rd overall, Charlotte Bobcats )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 163 / PTS. 7.5 / REBS. 2.1 / AST. 1.4 / STLS. 0.2 / BLKS. 0.1 )

Micheal Jordan had something to do with 3 of my last 4 picks on this list. Adam was chosen with the #3 pick by Jordan and the Bobcats after his stellar college career at Gonzaga.  He was named Co-Player of the Year with Duke University‘s J. J. Redick by the United States Basketball Writers Association[1] and won the 2006 Chevrolet Player of the Year award. Once in the league, the kid had stage fright, couldnt perform, defense will do that to a person. Great shooter but forgot how to once he got in the NBA, never could defend. you figured he would catch on as a Danny Ferry type player, a reserve role but he couldn’t even do that well. He still managed to steal 2 rings with the Lakers NBA champion (2009, 2010). Just a waste of a pick, Thanks Mike….

3. Sam Bowie ( 1984 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2nd overall, Portland Trail Blazers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 540 / PTS. 10.9 / REBS. 7.5 / AST. 2.1 / STLS. 0.5 / BLKS. 1.8 )

Poor Sam Bowie, it’s not your fault you were taken before Jordan in the draft, but it is your fault you sucked after you were drafted. All the potential coming out of Kentucky, big body, good shooting touch, great defensive player, but forgot how to play when the NBA came calling. 10 seasons and you did nothing to shut people up about that disaster draft that Portland did, what a waste of size, on the positive note you can thank Jordan cause the only time we speak about you is concerning the draft and not the way you stunk up the court…

2. KWAME BROWN ( 2001 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall, Washington Wizards )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 603 / PTS. 6.8 / REBS. 5.6 / AST. 0.9 / STLS. 0.5 / BLKS. 0.6 )

Lets be honest here, if you had the #1 in 2001 and this kid was coming out of high school we ALL would have picked him,  Jordan did (all on you Mike). He was going to dominate the low blocks for years to come in the league, looked a sure bet no matter who you asked. But the good thing about being a big man in the NBA is that if you show a little hustle you will always have a job, Brown has played 11 season, not because of talent. He knows he sucks and was a waste of a pick, suit, green room chair, handshake with Stern and everything in between. Hey at least the man stays employed..

1. MICHAEL OLOWOKANDI ( 1998 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall, Los Angeles Clippers )

Career Stats ( GAMES. 515 / PTS. 8.3 / REBS. 6.8 / AST. 0.7 / STLS. 0.5 / BLKS. 1.4 )

The #1 bust in NBA history is Micheal, he destroyed college players while at Pacific posting 22 points and 11 rebounds a game. He was still an unknown to basketball purist but displayed great potential. was drafted to be the cornerstone of the Clippers for years but instead became a running joke in NBA circles. Injuries took his career away as well as a few others on this list but it seems that his heart was never into the pro game. I chose him because of the tools that he had to succeed and he didn’t show up to play every night. In his days in the NBA there weren’t too many big men that could handle him on the blocks, the only person that could stop him was him and he decided to quit on the game, injuries or not, all talent and no heart.

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My NBA 2012-2013 Eastern Conference Predictions

Welcome everyone, 2 days ago I gave you my picks for the Western Conference and today here are my picks for the Eastern Conference…

15. Charlotte Bobcats… Another year another losing season for Michael Jordan and Co, these guys just suck. Worst record in the league and you still don’t end up with the #1 pick, how sad. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist might grow into a good player but this team needs great players and he doesn’t fit that mold. Ramon Sessions or Kemba Walker at the point, why draft Kemba Walker then tradeD.J. Augustin thinking Kemba Walker was your point of the future. Gerald Henderson or ben at 2 guard, I say keep Gerald Henderson in as the starter and let Ben Gordon become your 6th man of the year. This team needs guys who can put the ball in the hole and we all knowBen Gordoncan do that. I think they have a good core of big men withByron Mullens, DeSagana Diop, Bismack Biyombo,Brendan Haywood andTyrus Thomas. They offer defensive and offense, if they can get their backcourt together they wont suck for too long…

14. Cleveland CavaliersKyrie Irving is ready to challenge for top point guard spot in the East, maybe NBA. Tyler Zeller will get you a double double every night, crossing fingers on Dion Waiters cause this was a reach, hope it pans out. Tristan Thompson , its time for him to put up or shut up, play with some heart and some urgency.You still have Anderson Varejao who when healthy is a good steady player. Just not too much going on with this team, another lottery year…

13. Orlando Magic…These guys might come out and play pretty hard this year, naw who am I kidding they will suck. They do have a roster full of vets and they will come into the season with a ton of pride on the line. Jameer Nelsonwill continue to push the point, Arron Afflalo will have a so so year in a starting role. I guess since you are still paying Hedo Turkoglu almost 12 million that he has to start at small forward, you have 24 power forwards on your roster now, who do you start, Glen Davis, Al Harrington or Andrew Nicholson. At center you have Nikola Vucevic, he is no Dwight Howard, for that matter he isn’t Andrew Bynum either…you just deserve to stink this year..just dumb.. good luck Jacque Vaughn

12. Toronto RaptorsKyle Lowry, Jose Calderon or John Lucas, 3 pretty good point guards on the roster. I will let Kyle Lowry run the team with Jose Calderon coming off the bench. DeMar DeRozan has the shooting guard position on lock with a pretty good back up in Terrence Ross. You wanted Landry Fields now start the kid, I think this kid has a bright future ahead of him he just needed to find a team to bring that out of him. Its time for either Ed Davis or Amir Johnson to decide who is going to be that premier power forward, one needs to step the hell up. Andrea Bargnani needs to stay healthy, he is a force at the center position, time to act like one…

11. Detroit Pistons… Ok, its time to put Brandon Knightt and Rodney Stuckey together and let them run wild on teams, no more conservative play. Time to let Austin Daye take over that small forward spot, Tayshaun Prince needs to be put on the reserve role. I pray that they don’t let Corey Maggette come in and shot them out of any wins, he did nothing when giving the chance with the Charlotte Bobcats, that should tell you about his skill set now. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond will man the center for years to come. Don’t understand why Greg Monroe doesn’t get the credit he deserves, should push for an all star spot this year. Andre Drummond was a great draft pick this year.

10. Washington Wizards… Not many people expect a big improvement from this team but I see great potential with them. John Wall will finally be the player we all expect him to be with Bradley Beal and Trevor Ariza on the wings, they should do a lot more running. Down low they are loaded with Nene ready to shut up his critics this year. Emeka Okafor partoling the paint with his defense and rebounding, they have the potential to be great on defense. Defensive wins games and that’s why they will be well improved this year.

9. Atlanta HawksDanny Ferry came in and cleaned shop, great idea. Joe Johnson is no longer there which opens the door for sweet shooting John Jenkins to do his thing. Jeff or Devin Harris at the point, flip a coin on this one and you will end up with Jeff Teague, give him another year to see what he can do running the team. Josh Smith is about to have his all world year, I see it coming.Al Horfordis back from injury and ready to make up for lost time last year. Lou Williams and Anthony Morrow is instant offense off the bench, no playpoffs this year even in the East.

8. Milwaukee Bucks… A full year of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings should be entertaining, together they will hoist up a 100 shots a night and might make 25 of them. Getting down the floor wont be a problem, they just need help after pushing the ball. Samuel Dalembert and John Henson down low equals a defensive juggernaut , you will not have any easy lay ups on this team. Ersan Ilyasova is a good start at small forward, another walking double double if he can expand on what he did last season…good potential..

7. Chicago Bulls… Yeah I know people are cursing me out now but seriously what do you see about this team that says top 2 in the conference, let me know please. Derrick Rose is coming back from another injury and might not be the same player. They can keep thinking that a frontcourt of Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer is going to get it done against the East I just don’t see that happening. Who is the shooting guard, Marco Belinelli and Richard Hamilton, are you serious? Luol Deng is their go to player and his wrist needs surgery. Almost every team in the East made improvements but this team, they let their famous bench leave, what the hell is John Paxson thinking? Word of advice DO NOT LET ANY Chicago Bulls FROM THE Michael Jordan ERA RUN A TEAM…..

6. New York Knicks… At what point in his career is Carmelo Anthony going to step on the court and say “its time for me to shut George  Karl up and lead my team” my guess is never. He plays an isolation game every night even on a fast break, just sad. I love the Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd pick up, much better than Lin, trust me. Iman Shumpert was missed during the playoffs, after recovering he is ready to make his spot known. J.R. Smith and Steve Novak is ready to launch 3’s from halfcourt, while the defense is stable behind Marcus Camby and Tyson Chandler. Amare Stoudemire should have a great year if he can stay healthy and fight Carmelo Anthony for the ball.

5. Philadelphia 76ers… Their rise up the standing is not just due to the Andrew Bynum trade. Andrew Bynum is what the Philadelphia 76ers were missing last year. If he can just get his head on straight he is going to be a problem for any team to defend next year. Andre Iguodala had to go but don’t worry Philly fans because you have the 2nd coming of him in Evan Turner, who started to bring his A game in the second half of the season and the playoff’s. Nick Young is going to put up some points, Jason Richardson is that veteran they need on the wing who can also drain the open 3. Thaddeus Young is a very underrated player, this team is stacked from top to bottom. The progress of Jrue Holiday is not talked about much but he is fast becoming one of the best point guards in the East..This team is scary…

4. Brooklyn Nets…On paper they might have the best starting 5 in the NBA. Deron Williams is the 2nd best point guard in the league, now he finally has teammates to give the ball to. Joe Johnson doesn’t have to carry the weight of a franchise on his shoulders, the pressure is off now he can just ball. Gerald Wallace still has game left in him, can just run up and down the court rebounding, scoring and defending. Kris Humphries is one of the most underrated players in the league all this guy does is rebound, defend, score and hustle, complete player down low. If Brook Lopez comes back healthy he is going to dominate everyone except Andrew Bynum down low…watch out…

3. Indiana Pacers… They took a major step last year, in my opinion they lost the Miami Heat series, not the other way around. You have to suffer heartbreak first in the NBA, just weren’t ready to take that step. George Hill or D.J. Augustin at the point, doesn’t really matter but I choose D.J. Augustin. Paul George is a beast on the defensive end, once that offensive game get there he is destined for great things. Danny Granger needs to be a little more aggressive this year, your paid like a leader than be one. David West had an ok year but kind of fell off in the playoffs. I think Tyler Hansbrough had a better season at the power forward spot, some decisions need to be made there. Roy Hibbert played his ass off last year and should only continue to get better…sleeper..

2. Boston Celtics… Old team and everything but they have the most heart in the NBA. They also lost the Miami Heat series, not the other way around. Injuries hurt them last year in the playoffs, if healthy this year they could keep the heat from reaching the finals. Kevin Garnett is poised to give it another year and by the way he played last year he is ready to go. Paul Pierce is still Paul Pierce, takes the big shot and makes the big shot. Rajon Rondo is your do everything point guard, if he can consistently make the open shot, they will be in the finals. Ray Allen is gone, so what, Avery Bradley is there to pick up the slack right along with Jason Terry, I think they ended up in better position with him leaving. Brandon Bass showed everyone he was the real deal on a nightly basis. The return of a healthy Jeff Green is a big boost to this team. If the draft picks Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo can play a large role they will be the team to beat come playoff time..DEFEAT THE HEAT IS THE MOTTO…

  1. Miami Heat… You win the ring now what’s next? You have that Champion bullseye on your back now. LeBron James played the best ball of his life this year in every aspect of the game. Dwyane Wade still has a superb game intact but took a step back at times looking confused but when you win that doesn’t matter, right? Chris Bosh who I believe is the heart of this team and the unsung hero was good and bad sometimes in the same game, when you win that doesn’t really matter right? Does Rashard Lewis have anything left in the tank, I believe he does. The Ray Allen signing wasn’t needed but it was done to piss off the Boston Celtics. He might make a difference in a game or 2 but at what cost. Mario Chalmers showed that he belongs on the court with the game on the line, without him it would have been Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City in the Finals. They need their big men, Udonis Haslem, Dexter Pittman and Joel Anthony to step up and really play like big men down low. With the Big 3 anything is possible.. They hear the footsteps….
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My NBA Western Conference Predictions(2012-2013)

Whats good people, as promised here are my predictions for the up-coming season in the Western Conference….

15. Sacramento Kings… For the life of me I cant figure out why this teams continues to suck every year. They have two very good players in DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans but they just cant put it together. Jimmer Fredette was a waste of a draft pick because your not using him correctly. Isaiah Thomas is an ok point guard but the dude is like 2 feet tall. Thomas Robinson should fit in nicely with this team because he will crash the boards strong and get out on the break. I just don’t see a very good year from these bums again, maybe its the coach, maybe its he players. See you again in the lottery next year losers…

14. New Orleans Hornets… Yeah I know they had the #1 and #10 picks in the draft, now how they got those picks is still a little fishy if you ask me. The NBA needed to sell the team, they already sucked so they had to make up for it somehow, right? Their roster on paper seems pretty good but they are still so young.Anthony Davis is going to be a good player, might even be great someday but not today. Yo son is just to thin to bang down low with the big boys. Austin Rivers pushing point, ehh not so convincing, reminds me of his pop, he wasn’t that great either to be honest. I don’t think he can do it. they picked up Ryan Anderson from Orlando Magic which was a good call, but the way they have it planned out either him or Anthony Davis will be coming off the bench, stupid just stupid. this is why the will continue to lose every year, Idiots..

13. Golden State Warriors.. One year this team will make it over the hump, they just have to, right? Good coach in Mark Jackson, good point guards in Stephen Curry and Jarrett Jack. The white kid Klay Thompson is a pretty good player. They just drafted Harrison Barnes, who has something to prove to all the doubters out there. David Lee is another walking double-double himself. Andrew Bogut if he can stay healthy is a pretty damn good player. I hope they can put it all together this year and contend for a playoff spot but i don’t see it because either 1 or 2 of these fragile players will end up on the injured list, again..Man up…

12. Minnesota Timberwolves… Admit it, you want this team to do good, but they have some of the dumbest front office personal around the NBA. Kevin Love is a f—— beast, point, blank, period. The little gay looking Spanish kid, Ricky Rubio is pretty good also, just needs to get a jump shot and he will be unstoppable. The rest of the team sucks, don’t know how else to put it, maybe Andrei Kirilenko decides to really play this year, Derrick Williams finally steps up and becomes a man. Best of luck…

11. Portland Trail Blazers…This team is just all over the place, they have no idea what they want to do with this team. LaMarcus Aldridge is the leader of this team, but he needs to stay healthy as well to showcase those skills. Wesley Matthews I like, J.J. Hickson is a straight motor player, he’s going to hustle hard for you. They just drafted this big dorky white kid, haven’t they learned their lesson with drafting centers, it doesn’t work for you.. Somehow they still find ways to contend every year..This year shouldn’t be any different…

10. Houston Rockets..This is one of those teams where your like anything can happen with this bunch. Every year we seem to count them out but then you look up and there right there at the end. This year team is no different, Jeremy Lin, I spoke on him yesterday, lets see what happens with this dude. There is really no one else who has proved himself on this team and that’s what makes them so scary. These guys were passed over in drafts and thrown in trades as afterthoughts, they are pissed and coach Kevin McHale is going to get the best out of them..But then again I could be wrong as hell and they could suck….

Utah Jazz

… There was an toss up between the Utah Jazz and the Suns for this spot,  went with theUtah Jazz because I never liked them that much (least I’m honest). Mo Williams gets to start again, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but only time will tell. Atlanta told Marvin Williams to get the hell out of town and I’m glad that he did because I think a new team is what he needs, the kid can flat out play(ok, I’m a avid University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fan) but this is his chance to prove it. Gordon Hayward is a baller no matter his skin color. Paul Millsap is a baller and Al Jefferson is somewhere in between when he want to be. This team has potential to get into the playoff and do some damage, lets see if they live up to it…

8. Phoenix Suns… This team is going to surprise some people, trust me. Letting Steve Nash go was probably a good move for them. I love Kendall Marshall game(there is that University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill thing again, kiss my a–) he is a pure point guard, looks to pass first, just watch. Michael Beasley has something to prove this year as well and he is gonna ball like crazy(does son still smoke those trees). they had one of the best pick ups in the off season in Luis Scola, who can get you a good 18-9 every night. this team is very athletic and they will run you in the ground.. Beware…

7. Denver Nuggets…This is another one of those teams that you better be in shape to play or else they will run you out the gym. Andre Iguodala fits right into their system with his defense, athelitic play and his leadership. Ty Lawson(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill baby) is like a lighting bolt on the court and his savy back up Andre Miller is there when things needs to be calmed down a few. Kenneth Faried is a beast in training, the kids motor just wont stop, Danilo Gallinari reminds me alot of Toni Kukoc, he can do it all on the court. Its time for JaVale McGee to step up and be that defensive force that they need. I would not want to see these dudes in the 1st round..

6. Dallas Mavericks… This team gets better with age it seems. Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Elton Brand, Shawn Marion are all pushing senior citizen stages but yet they still can play. Say what you want about Elton Brand, I still think he has something left in the tank. I like the Darren Collison pick up, he is going to run the team well. Two of the best pick ups in the off season were made by the Dallas Mavericks, O.J. Mayo and Chris Kaman. O.J. Mayo can shoot you out of a game but he can also keep you in one and win one for you, good player. Chris Kaman, when healthy is another walking double- double. This is another team that can sneak up on you..Take caution…

5. Memphis Grizzlies… Two years ago they surprised people, last year they let us down. I was rooting for them but they just couldn’t grow up in time. They have the pieces to get the job done now they just have to believe that it is possible. Zach Randolph is still a beast down low, he owns the blocks. Marc Gasol is coming into his own as well, a little bit more weight and he will be ok(something about those spanish dudes just seems a little off to me). Rudy Gay is a good player, like his game alot, they have a great front court, only thing stopping them is health. the loss of O.J. Mayo might hurt a little but not as much as some might think, Wayne Ellington(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill baby) can pick up that slack if thrust into that role. They might not surprise people anymore because thay have already arrived, just need to kick in the door now…

4. San Antonio Spurs… They have found and drank heavily from the Fountain of Youth for the past few years. I don’t know what keeps this team going every year but they are always there at the end. Tim Duncan is never going to retire, would you? He still has some game left in him. Tony Parker is getting up there himself but he needs to chill with the clubbing while trying to hang with Chris Brown and Drake . Manu Ginobili has to be on steroids, he is injured every year and bounces right back. Gregg Popovich is a master of motivation and one hell of a hypnosis, no matter what it is his guys goes to war for him every night.

3. Los Angeles Clippers…I dog this team out all day long but I wont today. They have the talent to do some serious damage, they just dont have the heart, the killer mentality. Chris Paul, best point guard in the NBA, nothing bad to say about this dude. Blake Griffin, you are nothing but a highlight reel, I have no respect for your game. You have no post moves what so f—— ever, you are a f—— bum to me. Time for you to step up and show me something, clown. You dunked over the HOOD of a car, the HOOD, what was so hot about that? Lamar Odom(Lam-Lam) get your sh@# together this season my dude, leave the cameras at home with your big head ass wife Khloé Kardashian(O.J. you are the father). no matter what yall do you will always be 2nd fiddle in L.A….

2. Oklahoma City Thunder… These dudes are for real. Just came off the finals, which they should of won, then 3 of the teammates just went over seas and won a gold medal together, these cats are pissed and hungry for blood. Kevin Durant is the best pure scorer in the league, hands down, needs to work on defense some. His shot is like water, just pure. Say what you want about Russell Westbrook the kid is the truth, they keep talking about turnovers, he does need to slow down a bit I admit. Without him there is no Oklahoma City Thunder, bet your momma life on that fool. James Harden, time to put him in the starting line up, he is no good coming off the bench when he is the focal point of the offense. As we seen in the Finals, he can be shut down because there is no one else on their bench that can score. Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins are great defenders but they need to look to score a little ore to help tahke the pressure of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden…They will be in the Conference Finals again this year against..

1. Los Angeles Lakers…The team to beat, if you doubt that then you are a d@#@ fool, should be tied up, poisoned and thrown off a building. Kobe Bryant is hungry, has been put out the playoff the last 2 years by teams they should have beaten. the Mamba is ready to strike. Pau Gasol needs to be a f—— man and start getting dirty down low, all that jump shooting s@#@ has to stop, dunk on some f—— body(those spanish dudes man, I’m telling you). Steve Nash is ready, he wants a ring, bad. He and Kobe Bryant put their diffreneces aside and play time is over. Dwight Howard, time for you to grow up son, get your game face on and go and bust some a@@. If you want to leave after this season go head and f— off but you better leave with a ring on your finger, cause if not them L.A. Crips and Bloods will run your ass out of town. the Los Angeles Lakers now have a bench, please dont sleep on Antawn Jamison,Steve Blake, Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks…THE CHAMPS…

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NBA 2012-2013

If your like me, then you can’t wait for the opening tip of the new NBA season to get started. As a fan of the Lakers and Sixers I am extremely excited to see what we will do this year. I must admit I was not happy at all to see Le Choke(Lebron) get his 1st ring, but every year there is a fluke and this was their year. Now that the Olympics are over the players can get back to business. There were a couple of exciting things to happen over the off season, lets dive in…

1. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.. All I can say about this is, let’s get ready for a parade in LA.

2. Andrew Bynum… You can never tell what is going in with this young dude, did he want to stay or did he want to go? Well he’s gone and he went to another team I love, Philly. I wish the Sixers had him last year cause there is no telling how far they would have went with a great post presence. Now the offense is going to go thru him so now we get to see what he is really made of.

3. Joe Johnson…No one is really talking about the Nets this off-season and I can’t figure out why. They have one of the best point guards in Deron Williams, a legit 2 guard now in Johnson, a capable 3 in Gerald Wallace, a hard nose 4 in Kris Humphries( a walking double-double) and a legit 5 in Brook Lopez. They are legit in all positions 1-5, this team will be very scary.

4. Jeremy Lin… I can’t call this one here, this dude had a great run for about a quarter of the season. He was good on the court but great for marketing purposes off. In my opinion the Knicks were right in letting him walk. If Houston wants to pay him all that dough then by all means go head. Lets see what he does this year and see if it was worth it. I doubt it…

5. Ray Allen…Mr Sellout, I can’t wait for the heat to play the Celtics. I hope that Garnett lays that fool on his a@# the 1st chance he gets. Jesus Shuttlesworth feelings were hurt that Doc Rivers had him coming off the bench last season, but when your nothing but a jump shooter what else are you expecting? I just expected Ray at his age to be loyal to Garnett and Pierce and finish what they started. Yeah I know they won a ring together a few years ago but still, C’mon Son, the Heat.

6.  Andre Iguodala..I love this dudes game, D@#$ shame he had to leave my squad. Now he gets to run, I mean really run with the Nuggets this year. That team is going to be something to watch, can’t wait.

Well that’s it for my 1st official blog about the NBA, stay tuned because I will have more on the upcoming season. I just wanted to touch a few topics, please feel free to comment, I’m always down for a good debate. Tomorrow I will list my favorites to win it all. I will be reviewing all sports, movies, books, tv shows, music and anything else that will get our juices flowing…SUBSCRIBE…

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Welcome to my 2nd post of my new blog, still trying to get the hang of this here..I decided to give you guys a sneak peek of my book “Kismet”…its still a work in progress, this passage is from Chapter 8…lol…enjoy…Oh yeah please subscribe cause i have more exciting things to come…. To subscribe click on the link that says blackauthor it should take you to my page and there you can subscribe…Thanks…






Tonya and Tyrone couldn’t believe that they were stepping off the plane in another country. The air smelled so fresh and the breeze that greeted them was amazing to say the least. Tonya couldn’t believe that she had agreed to come along on this trip. Tyrone had asked her out the blue and before she had a chance to even think her answer over she had already said yes. Things weren’t going so good between her and Mike and her heart was all over the place. She knew that Tyrone and Gloria were together but that didn’t stop her from talking and meeting with him whenever time permitted. It’s been four months since Tyrone walked back into her life like a tornado. She thought she could control her feelings around him but after he had done career day for her class she let her heart get the best of her. Once Tyrone was done with the class they agreed to meet later for dinner at Ruth and Chris steak house in Cary. “I want to thank you for coming today I think my class got a real kick out of you had to be the best one that I had in there so far I have no idea how I’m going to ever top that” she blushed.  “Not a problem at all Tee, you know I would do anything for you” he stated. “So what made you finally decide to move back I know living out in L.A. had to be wonderful and you gave all that up to come back to the country life. I read and watched the interviews you did and I just knew that you were living it up out there. But I also noticed a look on your face that no one else probably picked up when you did the Oprah show. When she asked you was that a true story you fought the answer back and you had a look of regret on your face. What was all that about its just you and I here so don’t give me any of that Hollywood bullshit either” she stated. “Same ole Tonya straight to the punch. I been asked that question plenty of times since that book came out and I thought I answered it with a straight face. To be honest with you while I was writing the book about us, of course a lot of memories came back and I was fighting hard to try to repress them in the back of my head. I thought that getting them down on paper would be like a closure for me but it was the exact opposite. I stared to miss home and miss you at the same time. I didn’t have any intentions of coming home and trying to spark anything between the two of us. I just wanted to be home again top a place that was comfort for me you know. Then I bumped into you at the gym and I was stuck in that moment it all became too real for me it wasn’t a book now this was reality.” They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before Tonya broke the silence.” You know about my situation with Mike and I work with your fiancé but yet here we are”.” So true so now the question is what do we do now”? I don’t have an answer for you Ty and I think that’s best we have too many unresolved issues between us and just because you think you got you issues resolved in a book doesn’t mean that I have forgiven you for everything that happened between us. I know they say that time heals all wounds but that doesn’t apply for us because we were supposed to be the exception”. Tyrone sat and listened playing with his food trying not to make eye contact with her knowing her wanted to jump across the table and make love to her right there. He was afraid that she could see right thru him and knew exactly what he was thinking. “Do you still love me Ty” she asked with a stern expression in her face and voice. Tyrone knew that look all too well that meant she wanted a straight answer. Tyrone was thrown off guard with that he didn’t expect that coming so quickly but he should have known better when dealing with her. He figured that now was the moment of truth and he wasn’t about to let it slip away from him for a second time. “You know the answer to that baby, I never stopped loving you, all these years have passed and it just continued to grow stronger over time. You never left my heart, each book that I wrote had a bit of us in it “he said. He reached over and took her hands and watched as the tears streamed down her face. “So where do we go from here Tee” he asked. “I don’t know baby I just know that I don’t want to go on without you in my life anymore. I believe in second chances and I think this is ours right here so let’s make the most of it”…..Any errors dont blame me i dont have an editor…lol….


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Too Many Thoughts

I have been writing 2 books off and on now for the past 2 years, as soon as I think I’m ready to sit down and begin to focus on continuing writing one or both a random thought pops into my head. I have seen, heard and done a lot in my life that I have many things that I would love to share with the world. So one line from one book can open up another thought process for me to begin another book and before I know it my mind is boggled down with too many thoughts. My question is should I focus on just one book or should I just write down the thoughts and ideas for the others and come back to the later. By the way I just wanted to ask that because this is my first blog and I need something to write on here about lol…


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